So the glitch I choose is one of a visual and audio of a music video. The way this media would be experienced is through watching and enjoying the music. The glitch makes this difficult as it destroys the audio and visuals. It's enough to make your mind think it needs to fill in the blanks that the video is leaving out.

I find myself trying to sing along to the song but I can't since it has become a new form of art and expression. The beat is somewhat intact but the words aren't there at all. I would even say it brings a psychedelic feel that I notice something different with every watch. “In order for glitch to work as a critical element, the audience has to be able to recognize it as an independent feature of the work, and not as an actual technical failure. (Ferreira Ribas 115)”. I feel this is true with this glitch, when I look at it as the art it doesn't look like a messed up video but art on its own.

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